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navneetpublicationsbooksfreedownload 8/20/2014: 2 inthe investigation, which the family claims is unacceptable, was launched after the disappearance of the couple’s eldest daughter. police are carrying out a search for three boys suspected of murdering their mother and her partner in brisbane’s north. the trio, aged between eight and 10, were last seen running from the home on wednesday. police say the boys’ mother killed her partner, 46, and then killed herself. the second-in-charge of the investigation, senior sergeant paul ellis, said the boys had been warned to stop playing with the family dog. “they were in the house and they went upstairs and encountered the deceased in the bed,” he said. “one of the boys saw the deceased sleeping and the other boy went to pull the doorknob of the deceased and the deceased woke up and tried to get the child and the deceased had stabbed the deceased through the eye.” the abc understands the four children live in a house owned by the mother’s partner. the father was fatally shot during a struggle over the gun as he tried to help his daughter. he was then stabbed several times by the mother, who then turned the gun on herself. police say all three women suffered gunshot wounds. senior sergeant ellis said the mother had a long-standing history with law enforcement. “there’s a lot of correspondence involving the mother in the last two to three years with police at both state and federal level,” he said. “there is also an ongoing child protection investigation.” a neighbour says he was woken by someone banging on the door of the house in august. “i heard people shouting for him to open the door,” he said. the mother and her partner had been renting the house and recently received numerous letters from the owner warning them to vacate the premises. the neighbour said he was shocked when he heard about the incident. “it’s just a tragic tragedy for the neighbours, a great tragedy for the family,” he said. “these kids don’t need to be in the care of an adult. the adults need to be looked after by the state.” three brothers described as ‘quiet’ and’sweet’ the woman and her partner have three sons. three brothers and the alleged victims’ son and their father also live in the house. neighbours told the abc they were shocked when they heard about the tragedy. “there was a big commotion outside there, banging on the door and two older kids running out of the door,” one neighbour said. “it was a big house, it was quite big, it had a pretty big backyard,” another neighbour said. police say the mother was last seen alive on wednesday, september 4, with the boys. senior sergeant ellis said: “she was last seen by a friend and they were having lunch and they were in the drive through the lower north side. “they saw the mother walking with the three young boys.” senior sergeant ellis said they had a history with police. “the mother has a number of outstanding matters with police around south brisbane, northside and been found guilty of some matters. there are also some matters outstanding from 2009 and 2003 which the police are in the process of building a file on,” he said. “the reason we commenced with the investigation was to seek that information from the family members, the three sons, the three daughters.


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