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Fatxplorer V2.0 36 [NEW] 🔥

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Fatxplorer V2.0 36 [NEW] 🔥


Fatxplorer V2.0 36

when you are creating a partition, select the create a fatx-partition option. youll then need to use the view to choose where you wish to create it. the colors on the screen represent the different partitions on the drive. the blue area is used by the xbox. the red areas are fatx partitions. to create a fatx partition, youll need to set a cluster size. we tested with 8k, and fatx-formatted partitions are limited to 8k clusters.

the updated fatxplorer now includes a dashboard! its located at the top of the site and is where youll find your purchased drive info, the updated version history, and the ever so helpful source code repository . you can use the dashboard for managing your drives or just to quickly get a quick status update. its also where you can submit your xbox hdd dump/etc in case we have any issues with the raw hdds that you send us. ive found some nice fatxplorer additions in the source code from users!

theres one other thing that i want to address. ive been getting questions about whether its possible to recover files from a drive that has been wiped by fatxplorer. normally, this isnt possible. most version control systems dont store the information on the filesystem, so it would have to be stored on a outside system. also, fatxplorer itself does not keep your personal files outside of user directories. your save files are only stored in the format specific folders (user/save). for me personally, this was a feature that i found invaluable when i use fatxplorer to format my og xbox hdd drives! because most other systems dont provide this feature, i prefer to have a drive formatted with fatxplorer

this is the first update to the web site and code for fatxplorer, and there have been some bug fixes as well. see the release notes on the site for the full list of changes and fixes. fatxplorer is now officially a fully cross-platform app that supports windows, macos and linux.
this is an update to the web site and ios app. both have been revamped and revamped. the web site can now be used on mobile devices and the ios app now has a data view mode. new features, including detailed support for original xbox hard-drives, have been added.
this is the first major update to the os and battery management code, and it brings windows 10 support to fatxplorer. the boot wizard has been completely rewritten to deal with windows 10. it can now record custom configuration patches and shows the user a full dialog on successfully applying them. the code works on any games that had its bios fitted with a compatible bios. successful patches can be edited, but the new format used on the file system is incompatible with the old format, so you will need to use the long-winded method below.
this is a bug fix update to fatxplorer. the windows service can now be removed from the applications and components dialog. the gdiplus error reporting and windows 10 update check has been added as well. this is a recommended upgrade to v1.0.
this is a beta update to the code. it is not recommended for users. it contains a fairly detailed view of the fatx file system and the new windows 10 support has been added. a detailed cheat document has been included that contains information on enabling/disabling cheat modes . in v1.


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