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Aitraaz 1080p Download Movies ((FULL))

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Aitraaz 1080p Download Movies ((FULL))


Aitraaz 1080p Download Movies

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The film was directed by .
Aitraaz (2004) movie free download

Akshay Kumar  .

An unnamed friend of .

This film was released in India on  .

The film was written by  .

This is the story of a rich but insecure business man who has a set of fake documents and a rich rich girl who is after his money. When they happen to meet, they fall in love.

List of Hindi films named Aitraaz

Aitraaz is an Indian comedy directed by Indian film composer .

A star, a time, a place and a person .

A forgotten secret, a poor girl and a rich girl both want to enter into a relationship with the man but they play hide and seek to each other that play a game of hide and seek  .

A Shakespearian play set in 19th century England, the plot revolves around a dissolute young nobleman who loses his fortune and money to his creditors. He is forced to marry the daughter of the man who stole his money, however, she loves another man and she and her lover escape. The ruler of a neighboring kingdom, finds out about the affair and dispatches a messenger to bring back the girl and the other man. When the messenger arrives, a duel ensues between the lovers and the ruler’s son. The two men fight and the ruler’s son is killed. The ruler, in despair, decides to abandon the world for nunnery, but the lovers reconcile.

Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan star in this movie. The movie is based on the novel “Aitraaz” by .

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