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The Elden Ring is a fantasy action RPG developed by Cygames Corporation for PC.

Rise, Tarnished, and become an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!
Enjoy the game,

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Solid-state and gas-phase thermolysis of metal halide particles.
The solid-state thermal decomposition of [Pb(12)Br(24)(OH)(30)](infinity)·12H(2)O, [Pb(12)Br(24)(OH)(30)](infinity)·8H(2)O, and [Pb(11)Br(27)(OH)(44)](infinity)·12H(2)O has been studied using powder X-ray diffraction. Two different mechanisms are presented, one pathway is driven by the removal of Br(-), which removes H(2)O from the hydroxyl group and leads to the formation of PbO(4)(OH)(2) and PbBr(2) and the other is through the formation of solid-state PbX, where X represents Br(-), iodide, or the lead halide [PbBr(2)](n). The gas-phase thermolysis of the metal halide particles was investigated by thermogravimetric analysis, and the temperature and rate-dependence on temperature for the solid-state and gas-phase thermolysis is discussed. Both processes have been found to have a second-order kinetics and are complicated by the presence of halides being released as volatile products at high temperatures.//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// Copyright (c) 2013, John Haddon. All rights reserved.
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// * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • RISING and finding the Elden Ring.
    In a world where a split is spreading between clans who support order and those who support chaos, why have you finally come to that part of the dream that you’ve been fighting so long to come true?
    As you follow your comrades to Grand Magister Adrian in the Lands Between, do you have what it takes to find a magic item?
    Will you find out what kind of secret the Grand Magister is hiding in the dark of the vault?
  • Become the Largest Galerny!
    A state of war has gripped the Lands Between, and it has dismembered the clans and families into warring factions. They have turned their wrath against each other in a bitter war, but more than ever now the balance of power is shifting towards the man who has a strong bank account: the rich, godly Magisters. To stand out as one of the most powerful men in the Lands Between, you must use a newly introduced system that gives titles based on the items you collect as you advance in the story.
  • Hidden History and Hidden Powers
    Throughout its history, the Elden Ring has been hidden in a state of distorted equilibrium. From time to time, power has traveled back and forth, and creatures have been awakened who would shake the balance of power to its foundations. People who have challenged the Elden Ring and wandered to distant places like the Dawn of Souls have left behind incredible artifacts on your quests and through these you can uncover a wide variety of hidden lore. By collecting artifacts like these, you can learn what the Elden Ring used to be. If you think you have the strength to succeed in finding the true Elden Ring, you can also fabricate your own item to defy the laws of the land.
  • Elden Ring, Tarnished Armor, and Tarnished Bow are bonus items that will be given to the players who purchase the game from the 28th September 2017 in the PlayStation® Store. This bonus item will be deleted and cannot be transferred once the game has been deleted from the PlayStation Store.

    Version Information:

    • Platform: PlayStation®4
    • Region: Worldwide
    • Content: English


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    Let’s see how the game plays out;
    Elden Ring the game:


    The story is as follows;
    Elden Ring and the game, with the help of Warglowe, released the nine circles of light upon being in the Lands Between, combining the magic of the nine harmonizing circles to make them into the Elden Ring.
    The nine harmonizing circles are represented by nine Elden Lords, and the magical world is formed by harmonizing the nine circles.
    While the Story Mode, where you can clearly follow the story, is amazing, the Asynchronous Online Play is also excellent.
    From the beginning, we can play it through the story, but we can also choose to play it online.
    And that’s right at the stage when players are attracted towards this genre.
    Initially, I had high expectations for this game, but I have to admit that it was really disappointing as it lacked some of the elements that I wanted.
    But as I think about it, I think that there was a way for the game to have a few more depth to it, so I’ll see you in the next part.


    The gameplay is as follows;
    1. Story (Single player)

    ★Story mode ★

    By uniting the nine circles, the Elden Ring appeared in the Lands Between, and the magical World was born.
    The Story Mode is an amazing story mode that shows how the nine Elden Lords rise one by one, all the way from the beginning of the game.
    As I said, when you play, the nine Elden Lords rise together, and you will be able to help each other.
    It’s easy to fall into traps in the magical world, so you’ll also need to build up your stamina.
    The other thing is that the items you earn are useful when upgrading.
    In order to make it clear how this comes about, I’ll give an example;
    When your character uses an item, the item is removed from your inventory for a short period of time, and you can then equip something else.
    This is the reason why you can equip at any time of the game.
    So let’s say that you want to equip your sword, it will be removed from your inventory.
    You will then have a short time to equip a sword, but if you equip a shield, the


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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The creation of your character’s name is one of the biggest parts of the gameplay. This also greatly influences the rise and development of your character. In order to collect the names that friends/players’ characters create, you can use GUIDs.
    1. Follow the directions for naming your character, and enter your title.
    2. Type in the GUID that you have obtained from the previous section.
    3. Enter the name into the field labeled “Character Name”.
    4. When you are happy with the appearance of your character, click the 2nd button on the top right.
    5. You can see how your own name and the appearance of your character changes, and you will find your name in the place where your character was originally created.
    You can hide the name list by pressing Escape.

    Beta Play

    During the beta play period, if you don’t want to use the non-pro version of this Beta Play, you can use -beta for the pro version. It is not necessary to remember your download code.

    But during the beta play period you can not accept or accept friends.

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