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You are Sara, an over-worked college student stuck in a rundown apartment complex. One night, while washing clothes, you find yourself possessed by a mysterious force. The Womb Ripper strikes. What begins as a one night stand quickly becomes a twisted forced that challenges your sanity as well as your body. Play as Sara, the one thing that can prevent the Womb Ripper from striking twice and coming for your baby.

In the Distance (Cibele, 2011)

In the Distance is a first-person exploration horror game set on an off-the-beaten-path island. The inaccessibility of the location and the natural isolation of the player’s position within the environment transform the narrative to a largely solitary exercise. A glacial tongue carved into the sky serves as the only connection to the world. Mental struggle becomes the only means of escape.

Playable in both a first and third person perspective, In the Distance is a new take on the narrative that has been used in first person games such as in The Dark Forest and in the non-gaming world via the book Undermattress by Alex Garland. The player’s isolation, as well as the way the game relies on the archaic medium of text for narration, creates a unique and personal game.

Features of In the Distance:

• The first-person perspective gives the player an omniscient view into the environment.

• As the player explores, the world is gradually revealed.

• The player’s isolation overpowers the context of the game.

• The player’s actions shape the future.

• The game is driven by ghostly apparitions.

• The game is driven by text.

• The game is based on first-person adventure fiction.

• Heavy focus on the first-person perspective.

• Inspired by the works of Alex Garland, Alan Wake, and Giallo.

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Banner Saga: Heroes (2012)

Banner Saga: The Banner Saga has been played by players across the world since launching on the App Store. The saga is a tale of courage and sacrifice in an age where giants are returning to the land and cutting off trade routes. Your task is to travel with a small group of heroes to prevent the giant clans from invading.

Banner Saga: Storm of Arrows (2012)

Banner Saga: Storm


Features Key:

  • Take on your enemies in the Civil War, an original strategy shooter developed by the indomitable Little Tiger Studio!
  • Meet Paris, a female android pilot.
  • Several game modes including Single and Multiplayer, Team and Co-op!


  • Stylish and detailed graphics, with android-like controls.
  • A large arsenal of weapons for the Civil War.
  • A multiplayer mode with a strong team system.
  • 12 local and 8 online deathmatches.
  • Gun and items available through gameplay.

Technical specifications:

  • Graphics: 64 textures, 8K x 4K (iPhone6+).
  • Audio: 12.1 ch, Dolby.
  • Input: Touch controls. Analog stick, buttons and shoulder buttons for direction and movement.


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Undungeon is the first turn-based roleplaying game of its kind.
Featuring a novel mix of first and third person combat, giant monsters,and ultra-high fantasy world-building, you’ll find all the combat, exploration and fantasy you’ve come to expect from your beloved turn-based roleplaying game. It will also take you for a final wild ride as you explore the surrounding land.
Try to understand the creature you are fighting, its motivations, and finish it off. In one on one battles, the game focuses on your character’s skills and quick thinking.
Yet, the world around you is bigger and more than you can see. Do you want to stay safe? Or risk it all to save your world and the world you want?

Untold Legends: A New Age of Old School Adventure is a beautiful, turn-based action RPG.
– Strategic, turn-based combat system. Choose from a pre-set formula of attacks, distribute skills, equipment, stat points.
– Fetch and Craft – Use stat points and collected resources to create powerful, unique items.
– More than 30 unique skills.
– 2 unique classes of characters, and each has different strengths and weaknesses.
– Over 40 different enemies to fight.
– Intense combat system where each attack has its own cost and at times even the most powerful attacks won’t help you escape from the enemies if your health is too low.
– Several beautifully hand-drawn maps of different towns and dungeons.
– Heavily immersive story with dozens of cutscenes.
– Packed with hours of content.

“Like having a massively multiplayer single-player RPG”
-News From Shanghai
The story is set in a world shrouded by darkness, where mankind is unaware of the terrifying horrors that exist in the land of myths and legends called Valoria.
The story follows a young apprentice Mage who sets out to unearth the secrets of his world and discover who or what is behind the terror that threatens Valoria’s peaceful community.

“Like a FPS with RPG elements”
Players will be able to fight numerous enemies at once as well as explore dungeons and towns with several side quests, challenging bosses, and diverse loot.
Arena Mode
“A true hardcore FPS experience”
Players will be able to pit their skills against players from around the world in a different type of PvP combat.

We believe in serving our


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Playable Character Skins–Cole & Jackson are the two players who will be able to play as various characters in game: Cole a.k.a. Nanolock, a “high-ranking officer” in the Squad; and Jackson, a.k.a. Twitch, Nanolock’s childhood friend and an NPC that joins Nanolock’s team for Part 2. Gameplay Abilities: Grab, Chokehold, Stun–Sequel to Agent: Blacklist, gameplay features of the game have been borrowed from “classical gaming” conventions. These abilities can be used to grab, chokehold, and stun opponents.

A location is both the space the player controls in the game and the space in which the player’s character is located.

There are many different game modes, a feature unique to the series.



Gameplay mechanics vary depending on the game mode. All game modes have 3 parts: introduction, a single stage map, and ending. In the introduction phase, the player can select a player, change the weapon, view the characters and their abilities, view the map, and set the team name.

In the main map, the player navigates the map, explores the environment, fights enemies, and seeks to collect as much of a green cloud of pollution as possible.

At the end of the game, the game displays the player’s collected pollution score. If the player was playing online, their teammates’ pollution score is also displayed. If there is a tie for pollution, the player is placed into a “Time Trial”. If the player or their teammates wins the time trial, they receive double pollution.


The game development team consists of four people: four developers who program the game’s map editor. And a game designer.

Game Modes:

Three modes are available in the game:

Story Mode:

A simple survival mode where the player must survive as long as they can. Achieving a high score allows the player to enter the Time Trial and win double pollution.

Time Trial Mode:

Play the game online. The game ends when the pollution meter of the player’s or their teammates’ team reaches a set value. The winner of the match receives double pollution.

Shooting Range Mode:

Players compete for a time limit to shoot as many green spaces as possible. Points are earned based on how many green spaces are successfully shot.


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Currently in beta. Registration is open to all who want to experience the game free of charge!
This game is currently in development, stay tuned for more details!

Please help us debug the game and provide us feedback on the server / client.

Connect to the Discord Server where all the staff members are and ask them questions.

This game is still under development.

We need the help of the community to build and polish the game!

Also, feel free to share your ideas and thoughts in our Tipps for the game thread on the server.

We are currently looking for 3D Modelers for the game! Interested? See the Thread here

We are looking for the following people:
QA Testers

QA Testers

QA Testers with unannounced + un-exclusive features

We are also looking for some 3D Artists!

3D Artists

3D Artists with unannounced + un-exclusive features

You can contact us on Discord or send an email:

We’re looking forward to your comments, ideas, and feedback! If you have any suggestions or are experiencing any problems while playing the game, please let us know.

Steam/GOG & Desura version has been added
We are currently working on integrating the steam version.
However the play with friends feature is not yet working (may be an issue of steam…)
We are also looking into some of the bug which has been bothering you all

Version 1.0 Beta
Thanks to all the feedback and the players who gave us valuable feedback, we’ve finally made it!
The game will be featured on many big gaming communities, but we’d still like to hear your thoughts on it.
Please keep in mind, the game is still under heavy development. You are free to report bugs, request features, or report a lost item.

Today in San Juan we had a team competition involving the different games in the FPS online game series. It involved some simple puzzle games, a pure FPS, a non-linear RPG, a retro arcade game, a coop survival game, as well as FPSonline.

After the tournament, the team managed to choose a champion on each game (except on FPSonline).

In FPSonline, however, the game was initially configured to support 2 versus 2 players only (or 2–5 players). This decision was made to


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    System Requirements For No Heroes Here:

    The early game can be frustrating, but it’s worth sticking with.
    Nerfing the ride mechanic is the best way to improve the game.
    I’m not a fan of being forced to play on the lower difficulty.
    Players will be able to accomplish much more by experimenting, than by being told what to do.
    Will you or won’t you?
    As I’ve been saying for a few months now, I’m really looking forward to having my own studio to


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