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Over 30 Years of Experience in Accounting and Financial Services

About Us

Parsian Financial Group is a Toronto based accounting firm founded in 2003, providing  Accounting, Bookkeeping, and E-file Income Tax Services for businesses and individuals.
Our over 30 years of experience in Personal and Corporate Financial Services enables us to provide professional, and accurate services to our clients.
We provide these services to local small and medium size businesses in Greater Toronto area of Canada.

Our Service Areas

We provide services to:

Professionals; Dentists, Lawyers, Family Doctors, Real Estate Brokers, Real Estate Agents, Construction, Restaurants Healthcare, Other Services and Industries, Manufacturing, Retail Stores


News and Blogs

Tax and Financial News:

Employee Work-Space-in-Home Expenses

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Income Tax Act s. 8(13) Employees may deduct work-space-in-home expenses if their contract of employment requires them to pay the expenses, and the expenses are not reimbursable by the employer.…

CEBA Loan Deadline Extended

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The deadline for applications for CEBA loans has been extended from August 31 to October 31, and they're working on changes so that those without a business bank account might…

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